What you need to know about your roof

Benefits of a new roof

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A new roof not only improves the aesthetic value of your home or business, but it also serves as an economic investment. Old and deteriorated roofs add to your heating and cooling costs, and increase the risk of leaks developing inside your home.

With adequate insulation and a ridge-ventilation system, your living and attic space will keep in more heat during the winter and stay cooler during the summer, cutting your utility bills in half.

When looking for a solution to allergies and other cronic health problems, most people don’t look to their roofs. Replacing your roof can dramatically improve some of these conditions. Deteriorated roofs leads to excess moisture which can collect in your walls allowing mold to grow where you can’t even see it.

A new roof will dramatically improve the look of your home, lower energy costs, and raise the overall resale value of your property. Bottom line, your roof is the most important part of your home. Leave it to the professionals at Accent Roofing to ensure a quality roof at a great price.

Signs of a bad roof


Heat and UV rays cause shingles to deteriorate over time. This can occur faster on sides facing west and south. Shingles are coated with ceramic granules that reflect UV rays. If these protective granules start to come off, this exposes the core of the shingle to the elements, which accelerates the deterioration process.


When water gets underneath shingles, it will eventually work its way down to the roof decking and cause structural rot. This extra moisture can lead to mildew and mold to form elsewhere in the house, causing interior damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and electrical systems.


High winds can pull shingles off of your roof, and also force water and other debris underneath them. If your roof is missing shingles, the likelihood of leaks developing increases.

Snow and Ice

This is a particularly common factor in destroying a roof, especially here in Wisconsin. When snow melts and re-freezes on your roof, an ice dam forms above the gutters and in the valleys. This blocks proper drainage into the gutter. Water backs up under the shingles and underlayment and can seep into the roof decking, causing rotting and eventually leaks.


This can result from the buildup of warm, moist air trapped inside your attic due to poor ventilation. Warm, moist air decays the decking and rafters and can cause major structural damage. Proper ventilation and air flow in your attic also cuts down on your heating and cooling costs year round. Installing a new Ridge-ventilation system will help provide airflow throughout your attic space.

Shingle Deterioration

The average life of an asphalt roof can range from 15-30 years. When shingles become old and worn out, they begin to curl, tear, crumble, stain, and lose their waterproofing effectiveness. The end result is structural rot and eventually interior damage. The deteriorated roof will only worsen, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

If your shingles are deteriorating well before the warranty is up, you may be eligible for a class actin lawsuit. Click here for more info.